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Live and Let Live

Everyone offends someone.  Of the forty-five US Presidents, not one has been loved by all. Each offended about half this Nation. Sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, hair color are not qualifications for anything.  We are all individuals. Each group of anything have their fair share of rotten apples.

If you belong to the LGBT community, more power to you.  Same goes to all the heterosexuals out there.  All need to get over themselves.  If you find someone’s sexual orientation offensive, so be it.  However, that does not give you the right to interfere with their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  If you are a LGBT  member you must show the same respect to those who find you offensive. In this day and age, grow up and find another baker to make your cake.  Your sexual orientation does not give you the right to infringe on the beliefs of others any more than they have the right to interfere with yours.

If your little heart is broken over Hillary’s loss, too bad, so sad.  Presidents come and go.  Just because your candidate didn’t win does not give you the right to throw a perpetual hissy fit.  You contribute nothing to society at large with your constant complaints coupled with no solutions. Enough already with the childish behavior.

What about all those poor black folks in need of special consideration because they are black? The mere premise implies inferiority. Give me a break! We have had a black President. In case you haven’t noticed there are some very impressive black people in every profession just as capable as their white coworkers, making the same amount of money. The black population does not have a monopoly on poverty. Stop telling children they are victims. Tell them to work hard, stay in school, be the best that they can be and treat others how they want to be treated.  Quite frankly the only racists I am seeing of late are the very people screaming RACIST at the drop of a red hat.

Life has its ups and downs.  There are two sides to everything.  Unless you are willing to listen to all points of views you will lead a very lonely life.  How boring would life be if we were all identical in every way?

It is time to worry more about how you are living your life and less about how others are living theirs. If they are not breaking the law or a danger to themselves or others, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. No one appointed you the boss of the world. Enough already, LIVE AND LET LIVE!


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Mr. President Plead The Fifth



The Bill Of Rights protects American Citizens.  The Fifth Amendment was written to ensure all people are afforded equality under the law and that DUE PROCESS is guaranteed.

There are five clauses in The Fifth Amendment.  Clause Three is the one most people are familiar with.  That clause gives individuals the right to remain silent rather than to incriminate themselves.

The Fourth Clause of The Fifth Amendment GUARANTEES a fair trial.  If there are prosecutorial MISDEEDS or even the IMPRESSION OF IMPARTIALITY, a witness can refuse to be questioned.

After a year of nonsense in the Mueller Witch Hunt the only apparent crimes are on the part of THE MUELLER INVESTIGATORS.

  • Andy’s office COUP MEETINGS discussing INSURANCE POLICIES
  • Text messages regarding SECRET SOCIETIES
  • FUSSION GPS bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC for MILLIONS used for BOGUS FISA WARRANTS

The list goes on and on. It is my humble opinion that the Mueller Team is NOT about Truth and Justice for all BUT the hammer being used in a not so hidden COUP ATTEMPT.

Cooperation is a two-way street.  When the Special Council’s Team is up to its eyeballs in CORRUPTION, no good can come from the investigation which is looking FAR MORE LIKE A LYNCH MOB.

Please Mr. President PLEAD THE FIFTH and Make America Great Again based on the principles outlined in the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA



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Thank You Mister President


Dear President Trump:

Of all the jobs yours is one of the most thankless.  You could be on a secluded island with your beautiful wife and family.  You could be basking in your life’s accomplishment.  You could be enjoying an opulent life style.  You and your family could be doing many things far more pleasant.  But, you are not.  You chose to serve this Nation instead.

Please let me tell you how much your dedication to the office you hold is greatly appreciated by me and millions of others who want nothing more than to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.  We are the forgotten men, women and children.  Forsaken by those we entrusted to run the United States of America for far too long.

We watched as SEDITIOUS HACKS took over our Free Press sowing seeds of HATE and DIVISION.  Stories like “hands up don’t shoot” filled the airwaves around the clock day after day.  When in the end it was proven false.  The damage was done.  At a time when leaders should have been calling for calm they fanned the flames.  In the end two young police officers lives were in jeopardy based on a hoax perpetuated by those we entrusted to tell US the TRUTH, WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

We watched as citizens’ RIGHTS WERE BEING TRAMPLED.  Violent HATE GROUPS impeded the rights of others of all creeds, race, religions, political parties from freely going about their lives.  Blocking streets, chanting anti-police slogans, damaging property while violently attacking anyone daring to speak out against them.

We watched our schools, kindergarten thru college being transformed into INDOCTRINATION CENTERS OF HATE.  School curriculums focused less on EDUCATING the youth of the United States in favor of gender identity, safe spaces and hot coco.  Institutions of high learning no longer challenge students to think outside their comfort zone. Instead now encourage students to violently attack those not of the same mind-set.

We watched our United States Military return home in need of care that was not provided to them.  Veterans live on our streets amongst other US citizens.  Military families requiring FOOD STAMPS as their meager pay does not allow them to provide food for their dependents.  All the while our elected officials provide for those entering the United States illegally.

We watched as cities provided SANCTUARY FOR CRIMINALS at the expense of their law-abiding residents.  Kate is just one of the many casualties.  Criminal gangs flooded our cities and towns with the help of the UNITED STATES CONGRESS.

We watched as every single vote cast in Congress was down Party lines.  One has to wonder why we need so many Congress Members if all they are going to do is represent their PARTY over the PEOPLE that sent them to DC.  The United States Congress pits democrat against republican, black against white all for political fodder.

We watched the United States Congress allow US uranium to be sold to Russia by way of company known to be an agent of Russia.  While military personnel stood in harm’s way Congress allowed a boat load of cash to be sent to the enemy along with five high-ranking TERRORISTS in exchange for one TRAITOR who placed others in danger with his treasonous act.

We watched our government hand weapons over to the Mexican drug cartles, one of which was used to murder a border patrol agent.  Police officers were vilified and made a target of those very people police protect the rest of US from.

We have found our champion in Donald J. Trump.  However, it was not until November 9, 2016 that it became clear just how corrupt our government had become.  I thank God everyday for OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.  Imagine if he had lost the election.  So sure the fix was in many never bothered to cover their tracks.  The American PEOPLE would have never known the extent of the stench in DC.

We watch now as all those in the SWAMP attack not only President Trump but the millions of US that support him as well.  Daily COUP ATTEMPTS from those whos GRAVY TRAIN he threatens will never succeed.  We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD.  We are a DEMOCRACY.  THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.

So Mr. President I am very grateful for all you are doing for this Nation.  We must all stand as one for OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM and appreciate all we have been given.  Finally the United States has a President willing to STAND UP FOR ALL THE PEOPLE of our great Country.

It is nice to have a President who speaks for US the forgotten men and women, one who is not affraid to tell it like it is.  Most importantly, it is nice to have a President that LOVES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Although I can only speak for myself, it is my belief there are millions of additional CITIZENS standing behind you.  To those who think by taking you down they will again bath in their own filth, they are sadly mistaken.  This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

As far as I am concerned Donald J. Trump has far exceeded all expectations.  His willingness to take on the world for US is above and beyond what any of US could have asked of one person.  Never in my life have I seen one person so vilified.  Clearly President Trump was the RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB AT HAND.

God bless our President, his family and the United States of America. I for one would like to thank our President for all of his dedication and hard work.


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Lost In Translation


President Trump’s comments recorded without his knowledge made during a private conversation have been misrepresented.  As crude as his comments were, they were not meant for me to hear or judge.  His words are nothing more.  There is no crime confessed to.

My interpretation is a locker room discussion egged on by Billy Bush, Jeb Bush’s cousin who was running against Donald Trump at the time the tape was released.  Bush comments were far worse than Trump’s.  Yet those condemning Trump’s words, excused those of Bush.

Trump put the move on someone.  But, he failed.  Big deal.  He hit on a pretty woman, she turned him down, he STOPPED!  Another excerpt describes taking woman shopping for furniture in an attempt to seduce her.  Trump described how women throw themselves at rich men.  Some women ALLOW a rich man to do anything.

Most know the meaning of a gold digger.  How many successful men have left their long time spouse for their secretary?  Read the full transcript.  Children in middle school will giggle.  But, mature adults having willingly participated in their own sexual shenanigans won’t be shocked.



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Know Tax Plan Good-Democrats Hate it!


Slush funds for sexual assault victims of Congress would help pay for tax plan.  US Congress could not care less about their constituents.  Democrats spends what little time they are in DC causing trouble.  Have no intentions of advancing the plight of the American PEOPLE.  It would not advance cause of PARTY.

Republicans so afraid of their own shadow they prefer to follow than lead. Instead of standing up for what is right cower in fear of losing “control”. Again PARTY over PEOPLE is front and center.

Meanwhile all those in Congress cash their pay checks regularly.  It is far past time for them to start EARNING taxpayers’ hard earned dollars. Stop running around crying wolf day after day.  It is time for CONGRESS to knock off playing Party politics at peril of this Nation.  Start  working together like grownups.

Results matter.  Congress has been given the assignment of cutting taxes.  Any Senator that votes NO for tax cuts had better have plan for bigger tax cuts.  Taxpayer’s do not discriminate.  Republicans, Democrats, Bernie and Angus alike.  Get the job done or GO HOME.

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There Is A Slush Fund For That


It seems Alabama has quite the dilemma. Judge Roy Moore or the other guy will be sent to Washington, DC to represent their best interest.  Which one will it be?  That will be up to the good folks of Alabama.  We as a Nation must respect their decision.

The other guy has made it abundantly clear.  He intends to go to Washington, DC to resist doing his job.  He plans on doing whatever his Party Puppeteer tells him to.  What good does that do Alabama?

Then there is Judge Roy Moore.   During the primary President Trump indorsed Moore’s opponent, Luther Strange stating he did not believe that Judge Moore could win the general election.  Trust me, this election could not be any stranger.

Judge Moore has always been known as a colorful character.  There is no doubt he intends to go to Washington, DC to help move forward the Make America Great Again agenda.  Normally the choice would be a no brainer.  But, not so fast.

It seems there is the elephant in the room.  Is Judge Roy Moore a victim of a repugnant smear campaign or just repugnant?  There are very few people who know the truth.  Speculate as we might, we most likely will never know.

If only the United States had a Free Press.  Sadly we do not.  Thanks to social media, the seditious hacks that replaced them have been exposed.  As a result of journalistic integrity being long gone, we the people must fend for ourselves.

Sweet Alabama all we as a Nation can ask is that you vote your conscience.  If it turns out to be Judge Roy Moore, so be it.  Look at it this way.  Moore could be the victim of a political smear.  If that is the case justice has won.  On the other hand the good Judge could be a sexual predator.

Not to worry, if Judge Roy Moore turns out to be a pervert his victims can then be compensated.  There is a slush fund for all the sexual assault victims of the United States Congress Members.  Our tax dollars at work. Now we know why Congress doesn’t cut them.


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Hoax Brought To Life By Fake News


Long before Donald J. Trump announced he would run for President our “Free Press” perpetrated one of the biggest hoaxes of our time on the American People.  Fake pundits were giddy reporting “Hands up. Don’t shoot.”

Day after day they reported that poor Michael Brown was minding his business when a young police officer executed him as he begged for his life.  Painting a gruesome picture guaranteed to incite outrage, hate and division.  That all based on social media gossip.

When after a thorough investigation was completed the evidence made clear that “Hands up. Don’t shoot.” never happened and that Brown’s own actions  resulted in his death.

After milking the story non-stop twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week fanning the flames Fake News did not bother to put them out.  Instead, our so-called “Free Press” quietly retracted the story that had taken on a life of its own.

My guess is that there were problems within Ferguson.  Any chance of addressing issues residents of Ferguson had were thwarted by Fake News and politicians.

Until the Free Press finds its way back to the United States of America we are on our own to find whatever facts are not hidden on Google or some other search engine.  Viewers beware.