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Christian Lives Matter


Christians around the world are under attack.  Where is the righteous indignation for their plight?  Two churches in Egypt were attacked on one of Christians’ most sacred days, Palm Sunday by Islamic terrorists.  The victims’ only crime was being a Christian.

Like many countries in the Middle East, Egypt’s Christian population is in the great minority.  Religious persecution is part of a Christian’s daily life in the Middle East, yet we do nothing.

To the self-indulgent judges suffering from delusions of grandeur playing politics from their benches take notice.  When the Trump Administration tried to help, you knew better.  All sanctimonious you feigned disgust over President Trump’s travel ban.  Because Christians were given priority based on their level of danger, you ruled it was religious bias.

During the election when then Donald Trump referred to a “Muslim Ban” in context his meaning was clear.  The purpose was to give the US time to come up with better ways to identify those from a region of the world where Islamic terrorists thrive.  The objective articulated was to keep Americans safe.

The original seven countries listed in the ban were those identified by the Obama Administration as not having an adequate screening process to assure who was coming into the USA.  If in fact President Trump intended to ban Muslims he would have included all forty plus Muslim countries.

Isis has stated on any form of social media they could find that they are infiltrating the refugee population.  Evil people intent on killing innocent Americans are entering our country in sheep’s clothing.  All welcomed by judges that have sworn to uphold the law.

To the Muslim communities in the United States stop being part of the problem and help to find a solution.  Instead of whining about being suspect, assist in identifying those amongst  you that mean us harm.  This is a nation that cherishes freedom of all religions, Muslims included.  To be part of this country you too must adhere to the law.

The democrats and those in the media playing the religion card to further their self-serving agenda are doing a great disservice to this nation and should be ashamed of themselves.  Frightening Muslims with propaganda and fear mongering in an attempt to undermine the President is un-American.

In what kind of world is it alright to desecrate places of worship of any faith?  Sacred burial grounds are no longer a place to rest in peace.  We are a nation of tolerance.  It is time to remember that.


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