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Democrats Do More Harm Than Good

Imagine if democrats in Congress spent as much time actually doing their job as they do causing trouble.  Unfortunately their main goal is undermining the President of the United States.  God forbid that President Trump do a good job.  Although it would be wonderful for the American people, it would not make the democrats relevant.

The problem with the democrats is that they have no plans.  Too busy playing sophomoric games to further their self-serving agenda, democratic Congress members have no end game.  Blinded by their lust for control they no longer have anything worthwhile to contribute to their constituents.

If President Trump walked on water democrats would scream “Trump can’t swim”.  The deep pockets pulling their strings would organize yet another protest.  Who cares how many people are inconvenienced by their nonsense?  What’s the big deal with a little property damage?  If someone disagrees they can have their paid thugs assault them.

Somewhere along the way Democrats have turned into the mean and hateful Party.  If attacking the President with fictitious claims of a connection to Russia places the United States in peril, oh well.  Using inflammatory rhetoric bashing President Putin is making it impossible for the United States to live in peace with Russia, not their problem.

Democrats mad they lost the Presidential race they thought was in the bag went so far as to attempt a coup.  With Nancy Pelosi’s daughter doing their dirty work democrats attempted to intimidate Electoral College members into forsaking the voters they were to represent.  As a result, democrats’ candidate lost more votes than the intended target.

Democrat Joe Biden made up a rule that Supreme Court Justices can’t be nominated during a Presidential election.  Republicans refused to consider Obama’s nominee based on the democrats’ rule.  Democrats cried and refuse to consider President Trump’s nominee.  Based on democrats’ Harry Reid’s rule republicans were able to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch without the democrats.

Instead of spending time trying to find solutions to the problems Americans face today, democrats plan ways to smear the President.  If they have to destroy the United States to get their way so be it.

Democrats cannot see the forest thru the trees.  They are so intent on biting off their noses to spite their constituents’ faces, that they don’t consider the consequences of their actions.

The American taxpayers deserve better.


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