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Thou Doth Protest Too Much

When the only thing one can think of to demand in life is to see President Trump’s tax returns one leads a very sad existence.  Most Americans don’t want to read their own tax return, let alone someone else’s.

Trump hysteria has taken over rational thought.  There is no other explanation for the protest marches filled with blind followers.  Wait, there is one reason people would carry a sign, money.

If you are paid to attend then you are not a protester.  If you need to cover your face with a mask you are not a protester.  If you bring weapons you are not a protester.  If you have no clue what the facts are regarding the issue you are not a protester.

Candy is dandy.  But, you can only eat so much before you get sick.  The same goes for protests.  When you protest everything under the sun the power of protest becomes diluted.  There comes a point when protesters are viewed as nothing more than a public nuisance.

Like the little boy who cried wolf, it does not take long before no one listens anymore.  We all know how well that worked out for the little boy.  When there is a legitimate reason to protest no one will take it seriously.  When protests are seen as an annoyance those watching tend to support whatever it is the protesters are complaining about.

So to all the Trump trashers blocking streets, impeding businesses from operating, obstructing the liberties of others good job.  With your help President Trump will be guaranteed  a second term.

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