Sanctuary Cities For Who?

Sanctuary cities might as well put up signs.  “Welcome Criminal Illegal Immigrants Including MS-13”.  Those in charge feel they are above the law.  Instead of trying to change laws they don’t like they break them.

Sanctuary cities feel they don’t need to cooperate with Federal law enforcement such as ICE.  However, they stand with their hands out for hard-earned tax dollars paid by law-abiding citizens.

They argue that there are fewer criminal illegal immigrants than criminal citizens.  One would certainly hope that is true.  The illegal immigrant population is far smaller than the number of citizens.  That is irrelevant.  It is not a competition.

If we could deport criminal citizens I’d be all for it.  But, we can’t.  What we can do is get rid of criminal illegal immigrants.  Sanctuary cities refuse to notify ICE when they have a criminal illegal immigrant in custody.  It is not their job.  Instead they release dangerous criminals back into their population of law-abiding residents.  It is their job to keep their citizens safe.

Sanctuary cities welcome unaccompanied illegal immigrant children into their communities.  Although intentions are benevolent, their actions are not.  What are children with no family or ties to the community to do?  Sanctuary cities do not provide the necessary supervision or guidance that all children require.  Not to worry.  Gangs such as MS-13 take them into their fold.  Those children sent to the United States for a better life have been given more of the same their parents sent them away to avoid.

Advocates of sanctuary cities whine that if immigration authorities are notified of criminal immigrants whereabouts other illegal immigrants won’t cooperate with local law enforcement.  First of all they are not cooperating now.  Second, maybe they would be more inclined to cooperate with officials if they have assurances that the dangerous criminals will not be returned to their neighborhoods to retaliate against them.

Law abiding immigrants here illegally or legally don’t want those animals living amongst them.  It is safe to assume they came to the United States in the first place for a better life.  Anyone with half a brain is not going to report crime knowing full well that the offender will be back on the streets within days if not hours.

Sanctuary cities are playing politics with complete and total disregard for the safety of the very community members they have sworn to protect and the laws they have sworn to uphold.



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