Where Are All The Members Of Congress?


It is not a wonder that nothing ever gets accomplished in the United States Congress.  The Senate spends 31% and the House a whopping 45% of their work week on breaks.  Out of 260 work days in 2017 the Senate is scheduled to take 79 days off while the House will be taking 115 days off.

For those of you who think the time back home is meant to speak with constituents, I urge you to make an appointment with your Senators and Representatives.

When members are in DC a great deal of their time is spent working as telemarketers raising money for their political Party.  Paid professional fund-raisers do not have the bargaining power that a Congress Member does.  Big donors have been given the power of the purse to control Congress with.

The people’s business is no longer a priority for Congress members.  They are far more worried about keeping themselves in office than the duties they swore to uphold.  When every vote is down party lines it indicates that someone other than their constituents are calling the shots.  Certainly makes one ask why on earth we need so many if not able to think for themselves.

Worse is the fact that United States Congress Members spew whatever propaganda their Party tells them to.  They could care less about any facts.  The main objective is to keep their Party in the seats.  Nothing is too low for them to sink to in order to gain power for the Party.

Somewhere along the line, Congress forgot what the American people sent them to Washington, DC to do.  Campaign promises are not meant to be kept.  Pleasing the deep pockets is at the top of their agenda.

Sure folks need a break.  We all can relate to that.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had the same schedule as Congress coupled with their minimum pay of $174,000.00 per year?  That does not include the very generous benefit packages they are given including an excellent  healthcare plan.  Obamacare might be adequate for constituents but, not them.

Until some serious campaign reforms are put in place, Congress will continue with its  dereliction of duties.  As long as we allow our seats in Congress to be sold to the highest bidder we have no one to blame but, ourselves.  By the time any election is over none of the candidates are fit for office.



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