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August Off Must Be Nice


Most Americans are not fortunate enough to get a month off.  They are too busy trying to put food on the table.  Every April 15th they must have paid their taxes in full.  Those hard-earned tax dollars are entrusted to Congress to spend wisely on the behalf of their constituents and home states.

Criminal mismanagement of funds is when those entrusted with monies of others handle it irresponsibly due to negligence or neglect.  So when the United States Congress waste money for frivolous investigations to further their political Party’s agenda it could be interpreted as mismanagement of funds.

When Congress happens to show up in Washington, DC their time is spent dialing for dollars for the benefit their Party, not the American people.  Meanwhile Congress is so devoted to toeing the Party line they get nothing done.  Their dereliction of duty could very well be construed as mismanagement of funds.

To add insult to injury the United States Congress time off includes, but is far from limited to the entire month of August.  We should all be so lucky.  They make the rules that allow them to do so at the expense of the American taxpayers.  Again, it appears to be mismanagement of funds.

As long as we sell Congress seats to the highest bidder we will continue to have a United States Congress that puts the interests of their deep pocket donors, Party and themselves before the ones paying their salaries.  It is time for campaign reforms.  We must get money out of the equation of our elections.

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