There Is Plenty Of Blame To Go Around


It seems that there is plenty of blame to go around.  North Korea has been a thorn in the world’s side for decades.  After eighty years of diplomacy we find ourselves at a point in time when North Korea has the capability to carry out threats of mass destruction.  All the finger-pointing in the world will not change that.

There is no good solution to the problem of North Korea.  The United States has the ability to wipe North Korea off the face of the earth.  However, not before North Korea could kill millions of innocent people.

Diplomacy would be the best option.  Considering that eighty years of diplomacy brought us to where we are today, it is not very probable that it would work.  You can not reason with a crazy person.  The leader of North Korea has no intentions of negotiating any resolution that does not include sending a nuclear missile to the United States of America.

Sanctions are our best option.  We must cut off the money funding the nuclear weapons program in North Korea.  In order for that goal to be accomplished China must abide by the UN Sanctions they agreed to.

The United States is not alone.  North Korea is a threat to many other countries that have far more to lose than the United States.  The fifteen countries agreeing to the sanctions against North Korea must enforce them.

China is the best solution.  There is no doubt that they could stop North Korea in its tracks if they so choose.  It is time for China to step up to the plate and stop enabling their naughty stepchild.  If China chooses not to.  Then the US and others must consider sanctions against those in China aiding North Korea.  Unlike the leader of North Korea, those in China any sanctions would affect are capable of rational thought.

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