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Fake News Is An Enemy of People!


What on earth is going on at Fox? Eric Bolling, a rational voice of reason suspended due to accusations made by “anonymous” regarding an alleged lewd act reportedly occurring years ago. One by one those presenting actual facts are being silenced. The end result is Fox now climbing into the gutter with other propaganda networks.

Juan William equating all of the repugnant hate groups that appeared in Charlottesville dressed to kill as Boy Scouts on a justified mission to fight what Williams denounced as Trump’s white supremacists. According to Williams “pigs in a blanket, fry them up” was not offensive. This is the same Juan Williams that whined “Oh my God! I hope the American people know they just elected a demagogue” on election night. Williams need look no further than a mirror to find a bigot. Constantly putting words in the President’s mouth that the President never uttered, Williams’ bias is blatant.

Poor Eboni couldn’t find anyone to agree with President Trump’s statements. Clearly she did not look very hard. Dr. Alveda King and many more already had. That was bad enough. But, to attack all those viewers that disagreed with her was unconscionable. Death threats against her are uncalled for and inappropriate. But, her tunnel vision does not allow her to see the forest through the trees. Her behavior was far from professional.

The list of hyperventilating personalities attacking the President because he refused to paint an entire group with one brush explains why the media is no longer credible.  Erroneously paraphrasing what President Trump actually said the crocodile tears flowed.  One has to wonder if they ever bothered to read a transcript or actually listen to what he said.

The coverage of Charlottesville sounded much more like a lynch mob with no facts than a public service.  Where were the facts and films? Where was the discussion about the First Amendment?  What about the Federal Judge that denied the request to move the protest to another area for safety reasons and ordered the white supremacists be allowed to march where they did against the warnings from law enforcement officials that the area could not be secured?  Where were the facts regarding the second hate group that shows up at every protest to silence those they don’t allow to speak?

Quite frankly as repugnant as the KKK is, BLM, Antifa and others are just as vile.  Instead of an in-depth look into all of the thugs that descended on Charlottesville to cause mischief and mayhem Fox personalities turned a tragic event into a competition of who was the worst.

When President Trump said there were two sides he was correct. To equate that with the President being a racist is absurd.  As despicable as the group of hate filled losers parading around with ti-ki torches were, if the second group of thugs dressed with helmets, carrying weapons had stayed home there would not have been any violence.

The only ones emboldening these blights on our society is the fake news. Excusing the egregious acts of many the media informs racist groups that the President supports them when in fact he clearly does not.

It is time for FOX to decide whether or not they want to be a credible source of information to the public or yet another outlet of propaganda attacking our democracy as we know it.

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