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Some Faces Of Hate And Bigotry


Dear Americans meet Antifa.  This is the other side that President Trump was referring to.  In addition to the KKK this group descended on Charlottesville.  The only difference between the two is the color of their costume.  Besides that they are pretty much the same.

Unfortunately neither group is hiding their face out of shame.  That would take some sense of decency which is clearly lacking with both.  No they hide their faces to conceal their identity.  Because none would dare to be on the street alone otherwise.  Their strength lies in numbers.  Their victims are picked when they are the most vulnerable.

Don’t be fooled by our unhinged press or politicians that defend, encourage and enable these thugs.  John McCain and others can call them “Americans Standing Up to defy hate and bigotry” all they want.  But Antifa by any other name is still a blight on our society.

This Nation, no matter color, creed, religion or political party find the KKK repulsive at best.  Antifa is much of the same.  No matter your color, creed, religion or political party you must find this group just as unacceptable.

They can march around all they want, chanting whatever vile hateful speech they want.  This is the United States Of America.  The First Amendment gives them that right.  However it does not give either group the right to cover their faces at public rallies or carry weapons.

Those committing crimes must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  One by one they will be herded out of the mob.  They will be standing alone if front the judge.


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