Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


As this Nation watched Texas and Louisiana were ravaged by mother nature.  Hearts broke around the world  over the devastation we were witnessing.  At the same time the strength of resolve displayed there uplifted us all.  No one cared about race, creed, religion or political party affiliation.  People from all walks of life stepped up to aid those in need.

This is what The United States of America is all about.  The water will recede quickly.  But, life will not be going back to normal any time soon for those in the affected areas.  The generosity of our President and First Lady donating a million dollars to Harvey sets an excellent example for the rest of us.

Many in this country can afford to match their donation and should.  For the rest of us a million dollar donation is not an option.  But, that doesn’t mean your donations are not needed.  One dollar from a million people is still a million dollars.  So open your hearts and wallets.  Give what you can.

Beware of scam artists coming out of the woodwork attempting to make a buck at the expense of those in desperate need.  Make sure your donation is going where you intend it to go.  God Bless The USA.

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