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Lost In Translation


President Trump’s comments recorded without his knowledge made during a private conversation have been misrepresented.  As crude as his comments were, they were not meant for me to hear or judge.  His words are nothing more.  There is no crime confessed to.

My interpretation is a locker room discussion egged on by Billy Bush, Jeb Bush’s cousin who was running against Donald Trump at the time the tape was released.  Bush comments were far worse than Trump’s.  Yet those condemning Trump’s words, excused those of Bush.

Trump put the move on someone.  But, he failed.  Big deal.  He hit on a pretty woman, she turned him down, he STOPPED!  Another excerpt describes taking woman shopping for furniture in an attempt to seduce her.  Trump described how women throw themselves at rich men.  Some women ALLOW a rich man to do anything.

Most know the meaning of a gold digger.  How many successful men have left their long time spouse for their secretary?  Read the full transcript.  Children in middle school will giggle.  But, mature adults having willingly participated in their own sexual shenanigans won’t be shocked.



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