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Valued Customers – Press 1


Gone are the days of the friendly voice on the other end of the line.  Business of all shapes and sizes have forgotten that the customer is always right.  Instead of respecting customers it is now common place to waste their valuable time.

A quick question, a problem that needs rectified, required information, no matter what your reason for calling odds are you will be greeted by a prerecorded message.  After being forced to listen to some long drawn out self-indulgent salutation a mechanical voice instructs you to dial this if you want that.

If you are lucky enough to hear an option that remotely sounds like what you are looking for often times you are forced to listen to a second set of pre recorded selections and a third.  When and if you are fortunate enough to finally connect with a living being, English is their second language.  Unable to understand half of what is being said you hang up frustrated and angry.

Worse yet are robo calls.  If someone wants you to do something for them they could at least have the decency to speak to you in person.  No matter how many times I have placed my numbers on do not call lists the intrusive interruptions occur daily.

Businesses seem to be under the erroneous impression that only their convenience matters.  Everyone else be damned.