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Make America Great Again


To hear pundits opine one might think that Make America Great Again is an extension of the Republican Party.  But, it is not.  Rumor has it that #MAGA are blind followers of Donald J. Trump.  But, we are not.

Make America Great Again is a movement.  The forgotten men and women of all creeds, races, political affiliations, religions, sexual preferences and God knows what else are appalled at the state of our Nation.  We recognize that Washington, DC is filled with corruption and greed.

Those we have sent to represent us in our Nation’s capital have let us down.  While Congress has been busy playing Party politics our roads, bridges, highways, airports, hospitals, schools and ever so much more have crumbled before our eyes.  Anarchists are in our streets, impeding the rights of others, damaging property, silencing those they don’t agree with and violently assaulting others.  Where was Congress?

Veterans that put their lives on the line so that some self-absorbed overpaid nut jobs can sit during our National Anthem are living on our streets in desperate need of care.  Middle class families are living hand to mouth struggling to survive buried in debt.  Our inner cities have housing not fit for human habitation.  Children can no longer play safely on their streets.  What has Congress been doing?

A Nation Under God, our children are no longer allowed to pray at school.  Christians are no longer suppose to say Merry Christmas or Happy Easter.  A Country founded on the freedom of religion no longer allows citizens to practice their faith.  Why did Congress allow our First and Fourth Amendment Rights to be trampled?

The Make America Great Again movement has had enough of the inmates running the asylum.  We wish to return this Nation to one of law and order.  One where our children are safe, well-educated and find the United States to be the land of opportunity for them all.

We remember when family mattered.  People worked to live, not lived to work.  People treated other people how they would like to be treated.  We worked hard for everything we had and were extremely grateful to have it.  People looked for a hand up, not a hand out.

When the United States Congress takes half of the year off how do they expect to get anything done?  With every vote down Party Line why on earth do we need so many of them?  What would possess Congress to weaponize our National Security folks for political fodder?

The time has come for change.  We are One Nation Under God.  It is time we start acting like it.  President Trump and his family are sacrificing a great deal for him to serve this Country.  Never in my life have I ever seen such vilification of one man.  Congress Members stir up hatred of all those supporting the opposition for political gain at the peril of this Nation.

Enough is enough.  We are not democrats or republicans, black or white, we are Americans living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Donald J. Trump is not the President of the democrat or republican parties, polls, pundits or propagandists.  He is The 45th President for the people of the United States of America, each and every one.  Given half a chance Donald J. Trump might very well do an outstanding job.

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Why Baseball Is National Pastime


NFL players taking a knee during National Anthem disgrace themselves, their team and this Nation.  Standing for The Star Spangled Banner has nothing to do with race, politics, police or President.  It is showing respect for all this Country stands for.

Arlington National Cemetery’s six hundred and twenty-four acres provide the final resting spot for over fourteen thousand true heroes.  They put their lives on the line so that overpaid, self-indulgent show boats have the right to take a knee during the National Anthem.

Clearly the helmets are not working.  Just because you can, does not mean you should.  For every single NFL player there are hundreds of just as talented if not more so (other than Tom Brady who is also a class act) waiting to take their place.  Any number of them would give their eye teeth to be given the opportunity to be on the field and gladly stand up for this Nation.

High school coaches are fired for taking a knee to pray silently while obnoxious twits have no respect for The Land of The Free and the Home of the Brave.  It appears that First Amendment Rights are no longer available to all.

If they are so disrespectful to their employers and fans they need to be replaced.  Time for the obnoxious ones to stand up and show some respect.


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Thank God For President Trump


Our United States Congress is far more interested in the success of their Party than those who entrusted them with the responsibility of governing this great Nation.  They have forgotten that they are far less important than the seats they fill.

With every vote down Party lines Democrats and Republican Congress members duke it out daily for the world to see.  They routinely jump in front of television cameras to advance their own self-serving agenda with hate speech directed at the “opposition”.

Congress members have no qualms about throwing each other under the bus if they think it will further their own careers.  All the while needlessly frightening the very people depending on them.

According to the Bible, Gospel of Mark 3:25 “If a house is divided against itself it cannot stand.”  and then in the Gospel of Matthew 12:25 “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, ‘Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand’;”.

Those Bible verses were the basis of Abraham Lincoln’s famous house divided speech.  If Jesus and Abraham Lincoln both said it, who am I to disagree?  Better yet, where do those in Congress get off not taking their advice?

With the example set in the Congress of the United States of America is it any wonder we have hate groups forming on the left and the right sides of the aisles?

Those in Congress are too busy pitting Democrats against Republicans to do their jobs.  The ironic thing is that they now vilify supporters of their opposition in hopes of what?  Do they honestly believe that will endear them enough to get the vote of the very people they insult?

Hearing a Congress member whining that the President has “excessive expectations” of Congress while they are on vacation again for a month is mind-boggling.  With Donald J. Trump as their excuse Democrats and Republicans alike in Congress derelict their duty daily.

Embarrassed to be a Democrat I voted not for the candidate that called half this country deplorable phobics of every imaginable kind.  However, if he runs in 2020 I will be voting for Donald J. Trump.  Because with all those playing politics in Congress at the expense of this Nation the 45th President of the United States of America is not taking sides.

Love him or hate him, President Trump gets up everyday and goes to work for the American people of all color, creed, religion or political party.  He and his family are making great personal and financial sacrifices for President Trump to do so.  Anyone telling you otherwise is lying.

President Trump does not represent the Democratic or Republican Parties.  He represents all Americans.  There is no doubt in my mind that he will in fact Make America Great Again.

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Money Talks


Although President Trump’s speech given in Saudi Arabia made many good points, one in particular seemed understated.  According to President Trump.  “We must cut off the financial channels that let ISIS sell oil, let extremists pay fighters, help terrorists smuggle their reinforcements.”

Unlike in Washington, D.C. where politicians speculate, estimate and manipulate.  In the real world money talks.  A lack of funds can make life pretty miserable.

There is a need for might to take out training camps and all the other rocks terrorists hide under.  Challenging terrorists on social media and destroying their message will diminish one of their biggest recruitment tools.

Those participating in atrocities around the world are nothing more than cowards.  Their heinous acts will not be rewarded by any faith.  No matter what their religious affiliations, evil is evil.

We must all be tolerant of others different from ourselves if we are to have peace in the world.  Until we acknowledge that the war on radical Islamic terrorist has nothing to do with religion we cannot move forward towards a place where all children feel safe in their homes.

Good people of all faiths or lack there of must come together.  Because make no mistake the war against radical terrorists is a war of good versus evil.  Instead of worrying about where on earth refugees should be sheltered.  It would be far better for refugees to live in their homes in their countries without fear.

President Trump’s speech articulated those point far better and more.  Each one stands on its own merit.  But, the President’s “We must cut off the financial channels” is a big one.  That would “cut off the head of the snake.”

Money is what makes the world go around.  No entity can survive without it.  If you can’t pay for Wi-Fi, you can’t play on the internet.  If you can’t pay for services you don’t receive them.  If you can’t pay for airfare you can’t fly people around the world.

What is even better about money is that it always leaves a trail.  It can be followed all the way back to the root of the evil or the head of the snake.

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Christian Lives Matter


Christians around the world are under attack.  Where is the righteous indignation for their plight?  Two churches in Egypt were attacked on one of Christians’ most sacred days, Palm Sunday by Islamic terrorists.  The victims’ only crime was being a Christian.

Like many countries in the Middle East, Egypt’s Christian population is in the great minority.  Religious persecution is part of a Christian’s daily life in the Middle East, yet we do nothing.

To the self-indulgent judges suffering from delusions of grandeur playing politics from their benches take notice.  When the Trump Administration tried to help, you knew better.  All sanctimonious you feigned disgust over President Trump’s travel ban.  Because Christians were given priority based on their level of danger, you ruled it was religious bias.

During the election when then Donald Trump referred to a “Muslim Ban” in context his meaning was clear.  The purpose was to give the US time to come up with better ways to identify those from a region of the world where Islamic terrorists thrive.  The objective articulated was to keep Americans safe.

The original seven countries listed in the ban were those identified by the Obama Administration as not having an adequate screening process to assure who was coming into the USA.  If in fact President Trump intended to ban Muslims he would have included all forty plus Muslim countries.

Isis has stated on any form of social media they could find that they are infiltrating the refugee population.  Evil people intent on killing innocent Americans are entering our country in sheep’s clothing.  All welcomed by judges that have sworn to uphold the law.

To the Muslim communities in the United States stop being part of the problem and help to find a solution.  Instead of whining about being suspect, assist in identifying those amongst  you that mean us harm.  This is a nation that cherishes freedom of all religions, Muslims included.  To be part of this country you too must adhere to the law.

The democrats and those in the media playing the religion card to further their self-serving agenda are doing a great disservice to this nation and should be ashamed of themselves.  Frightening Muslims with propaganda and fear mongering in an attempt to undermine the President is un-American.

In what kind of world is it alright to desecrate places of worship of any faith?  Sacred burial grounds are no longer a place to rest in peace.  We are a nation of tolerance.  It is time to remember that.



Trinity Lutheran v. Pauley


Newly confirmed to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch will be hitting the ground running.  Gorsuch along with the eight other Justices of the Court will rule on many cases.  Their decisions will shape this Nation.  One of the first cases Gorsuch will be involved in will be Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley.


Trinity Lutheran applied for monies from a state grant offered by Missouri to nonprofit groups seeking to provide a safer recreational environment for children.  It was Trinity Lutheran’s wish to replace the gravel on their preschool playground with recycled rubber.  Although Trinity Lutheran is a nonprofit and did intend to use the funds to make a safer play area for preschool children they were denied funds due to their religious affiliation.

It is clear that ground covered with rubber is much safer for children than when covered with gravel.  That is the only thing clear about the grounds of this case.  We now have nine Justices well versed in the law to debate and rule on the legalities of the matter.  We will have to trust them to rule appropriately.


All children require a safe environment to play in.  To exclude children based on religion seems discriminatory.  Safe playgrounds across this country are utilized by children after hours.  Neighborhood children congregate at the closest one irregardless of their religious affiliations

President John F. Kennedy once said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.  If Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbus, Inc. is willing to step up to the plate and provide a needed service should they be penalized for practicing what they preach?

The issue is much larger than the needs of a preschool playground.  Religious organizations provide many services.  Homeless shelters, free meals to those in need, elderly outreach, food banks and much more rely on their generosity.


To exclude these bastions of good deeds from State and Federal funding simply because of a religious affiliation hurts those most in need.  Although it may be due to the religious beliefs of those providing the service, that they do so.  The services they provide have nothing to do with religion.





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Let Our Children Pray


       The First Amendment to the Constitution means the following:

  1. Congress can’t establish a religion
  2. Congress can’t stop free exercise of religion
  3. Freedom of speech
  4. Freedom of the press
  5. Right to PEACEFULLY assemble
  6. Right to complain about the government


What the First Amendment doesn’t say is anything about the separation of Church and State. That was Thomas Jefferson’s opinion written in a letter.  Nothing more.

pray1    sp1

Up until June 25, 1962 all American children started their school day pledging their allegiance to the United States of America and a prayer.  Having been one of those children privileged enough to pray each morning in a public school I can attest to the fact June 25, 1962 was a sad day for the United States.


At a time in our history when school children were frightened under their desks on a regular basis for “duck and cover” drills school prayer was taken from them.  The comfort received by a daily reminder that God or the Supreme Being of any faith was there to protect us was gone.  The acknowledgement of a higher power was muted.


Then came the birth of “political correctness”.  Parents of ten children sued New York because they were offended by prayer.  Forget that my mother of four children and the parents of the great majority of school children wanted their children to pray.  The United States Supreme Court ruled in Engel v. Vitale that school prayer violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment.


In an attempt to placate a handful the Supreme Court trampled the rights of the majority to exercise their religious freedoms.  “One Nation Under God” should be allowed to worship freely any place they see fit including schools

It is no wonder that parents of Christian children are up in arms upon learning that although the Supreme Court does not allow their children to pray in public schools, Muslim children are given rooms to pray in.  It is not because they are against Muslim children praying.  It is because all other children are not afforded equal rights

Either it is unconstitutional for children to pray in school or it is not.  For a nation to print “In God We Trust” on our currency it is not very Christian like not to let children pray.

Let all the children pray.  There is a solution to every problem.  Larger schools could have home rooms of different faiths.  Leaders of all represented faiths could come up with a suitable children’s prayer.  Muslim Mondays, Catholic Tuesdays, Jewish Wednesdays…..  Find a way

Like the song says “red or yellow, black or white they are all precious in his sight”.  Maybe if children were exposed to other religions they would grow into more tolerant adults.  It is sure worth a try.  Pitting one faith against another is not the American way.