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Democrats Resist #MAGA


Is it any wonder that Democrats are imploding?  When a political party’s only message is “resist” one must ask.  Resist what?  Making America Great Again is the President’s objective.  Democrats in Congress articulate daily they intend to do whatever it takes to stop President Trump from accomplishing his goal.  If it is at the expense of the American People, so be it.

A civilized society requires civilized leaders of which are few and far between in the United States Congress.  Congress was not meant to run by consensus.  But, when Democrats refuse to do anything other than hysterical fear mongering instead of the jobs taxpayers are paying them to do that is what Republicans must do to get anything done.

Under the leadership of Whimper and Whine the main focus of the Democratic Party has been to vilify President Trump and the voters that support him.  Here is a clue.  If Democrats want the votes of those now supporting Republicans they must earn them.

Maybe if Democrats stopped complaining and actually sat down at the table like grownups it would help.  If they continue to derelict their duty Democrats have no right to complain about whatever the Republicans come up with.  At least the Republicans are attempting to make life better for this Nation.

When the head of the DNC cannot open his mouth without obscenities spilling out the Democrats have a problem.  When Democratic Congress Members call for the impeachment of a President because he is from another party it only makes them look foolish.  When Democratic leaders’ best defense for their bad behavior is “republicans were naughty first” it is childish.

Democrats have diminished the offices they hold with their total disregard for the people they serve.  They have set the bar so low for common decency that it is disgraceful.  If and when a Democrat can win an election they will reap what they are now sowing.

Most alarming is the toxic tone of Democrats in Congress.  No longer willing to debate the merits of an issue they resort to name calling, fear mongering, lies and innuendos.  Worse yet they diminish those who dare challenge them including their own constituents.

The Democrats direct anyone that will listen to stop President Trump, Republicans and anyone else that doesn’t agree with them at all costs.  Terms like “fight” and rhetoric filled with hate speech designed to make people believe their lives are being threatened have consequences.  The fact they know it isn’t true is unconscionable.  The resulting violence is of no concern to them.

A house divided cannot stand.  The same is true of a Nation.  Democrats can blame President Trump all they want.  But, in reality the President is nothing more than a scapegoat being used to justify their mean and hateful lack of civility.  Their unacceptable behavior started long before President Trump ever announced he was running for office.

It is time for those participating in this nonsense to be voted out of office.  That is what we do in a democracy.


Where Are All The Members Of Congress?


It is not a wonder that nothing ever gets accomplished in the United States Congress.  The Senate spends 31% and the House a whopping 45% of their work week on breaks.  Out of 260 work days in 2017 the Senate is scheduled to take 79 days off while the House will be taking 115 days off.

For those of you who think the time back home is meant to speak with constituents, I urge you to make an appointment in August with your Senators and Representatives.

When members are in DC a great deal of their time is spent working as telemarketers raising money for their political Party.  Paid professional fund-raisers do not have the bargaining power that a Congress Member does.  Big donors have been given the power of the purse to control Congress with.

The people’s business is no longer a priority for Congress members.  They are far more worried about keeping themselves in office than the duties they swore to uphold.  When every vote is down party lines it indicates that someone other than their constituents are calling the shots.

Maine has democrats, republicans and an independent representing them.  How can something be both bad and good for Mainers at the same time based on which Party our Congressional delegation has sold its soul to?

Worse is the fact that United States Congress Members spew whatever propaganda their Party tells them to.  They could care less about any facts.  The main objective is to keep their Party in the seats.  Nothing is too low for them to sink to in order to gain power for the Party.

Somewhere along the line, Congress forgot what the American people send them to Washington, DC to do.  Campaign promises are not meant to be kept.  Pleasing the deep pockets is at the top of their agenda.

Sure folks need a break.  We all can relate to that.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had the same schedule as Congress coupled with their minimum pay of $174,000.00 per year?  That does not include the very generous benefit packages they are given including an excellent  healthcare plan.

Until some serious campaign reforms are put in place, Congress will continue with its  dereliction of duties.  As long as we allow our seats in Congress to be sold to the highest bidder we have no one to blame but, ourselves.  By the time any election is over none of the candidates are fit for office.



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Thou Doth Protest Too Much

When the only thing one can think of to demand in life is to see President Trump’s tax returns one leads a very sad existence.  Most Americans don’t want to read their own tax return, let alone someone else’s.

Trump hysteria has taken over rational thought.  There is no other explanation for the protest marches filled with blind followers.  Wait, there is one reason people would carry a sign, money.

If you are paid to attend then you are not a protester.  If you need to cover your face with a mask you are not a protester.  If you bring weapons you are not a protester.  If you have no clue what the facts are regarding the issue you are not a protester.

Candy is dandy.  But, you can only eat so much before you get sick.  The same goes for protests.  When you protest everything under the sun the power of protest becomes diluted.  There comes a point when protesters are viewed as nothing more than a public nuisance.

Like the little boy who cried wolf, it does not take long before no one listens anymore.  We all know how well that worked out for the little boy.  When there is a legitimate reason to protest no one will take it seriously.  When protests are seen as an annoyance those watching tend to support whatever it is the protesters are complaining about.

So to all the Trump trashers blocking streets, impeding businesses from operating, obstructing the liberties of others good job.  With your help President Trump will be guaranteed  a second term.

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Democrats Do More Harm Than Good

Imagine if democrats in Congress spent as much time actually doing their job as they do causing trouble.  Unfortunately their main goal is undermining the President of the United States.  God forbid that President Trump do a good job.  Although it would be wonderful for the American people, it would not make the democrats relevant.

The problem with the democrats is that they have no plans.  Too busy playing sophomoric games to further their self-serving agenda, democratic Congress members have no end game.  Blinded by their lust for control they no longer have anything worthwhile to contribute to their constituents.

If President Trump walked on water democrats would scream “Trump can’t swim”.  The deep pockets pulling their strings would organize yet another protest.  Who cares how many people are inconvenienced by their nonsense?  What’s the big deal with a little property damage?  If someone disagrees they can have their paid thugs assault them.

Somewhere along the way Democrats have turned into the mean and hateful Party.  If attacking the President with fictitious claims of a connection to Russia places the United States in peril, oh well.  Using inflammatory rhetoric bashing President Putin is making it impossible for the United States to live in peace with Russia, not their problem.

Democrats mad they lost the Presidential race they thought was in the bag went so far as to attempt a coup.  With Nancy Pelosi’s daughter doing their dirty work democrats attempted to intimidate Electoral College members into forsaking the voters they were to represent.  As a result, democrats’ candidate lost more votes than the intended target.

Democrat Joe Biden made up a rule that Supreme Court Justices can’t be nominated during a Presidential election.  Republicans refused to consider Obama’s nominee based on the democrats’ rule.  Democrats cried and refuse to consider President Trump’s nominee.  Based on democrats’ Harry Reid’s rule republicans were able to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch without the democrats.

Instead of spending time trying to find solutions to the problems Americans face today, democrats plan ways to smear the President.  If they have to destroy the United States to get their way so be it.

Democrats cannot see the forest thru the trees.  They are so intent on biting off their noses to spite their constituents’ faces, that they don’t consider the consequences of their actions.

The American taxpayers deserve better.