Good Fences Make Good Neighbors


Fences come in all shapes and sizes.  They provide privacy and security.  Although they have many functions, fences are inanimate objects.  They are not hateful.  Fences simply provide a service of one kind or another.  When fences are well landscaped they are aesthetically pleasing.


Schools fence in playgrounds to keep children safe.  The idea being to keep students from chasing balls into the street or just wondering off with or without a stranger.  Fences don’t keep children in one hundred percent.  However, they do slow them down giving adults a chance to peel them off what children view as a climbing wall.

Prison fences keep criminals in their allocated time outs and non-criminals safe.  They confine animals in a designated area.  Fences keep people from walking on the grass.  They provide a visual reminder of property lines.


Gated communities are popular.  People pay a premium price for real estate within the walls of those gated communities.  Although the fences do not provide complete security, they are a deterrent to those from outside the community wishing to harm those within.


It is rumored that one must be admitted to Heaven thru the Pearly Gates.  Nancy Pelosi must find God hateful.  Who does God think he is?  Is he a racist or is he rewarding those who have lived a good life?


Roy Rogers and Bing Crosby both sang Cole Porter’s Don’t Fence Me In.  There are many of us filled with a sense of wander lust.  The problem comes when we want to trespass on someone else’s property.  Unfortunately they have rights also.


There has been much discussion over the need for a wall, fence, barrier or whatever you want to call it along the United States’ southern border for many years.  There is no denying a need to stop drugs and criminals flooding into this country.

Of course a wall will not stop every breach.  However like the school playground fence, it will make the job of border security much easier.  Those who wish to enter the United States can do so at designated border crossings.  In other words they must follow the rules.

It is easy for someone like me to criticize a border wall.  Canada borders my state of residence.  Canadians come here we go there.  They are wonderful neighbors.  We stop at border crossings to check in and out.  Never a big deal.

Unfortunately that is not the case on our southern border.  One rancher has documented two hundred and fifty thousand people crossing his property alone over the past thirty years.

When it is easy to cross the border at designated crossings one has to ask why someone does not want to cross legally.  What are they trying to hide?  Being here illegally?  I don’t think so.  It would be simple to just go back to Mexico for an hour and return to the US for another “visit”.

Mexico is being used as a path for criminals into the United States.  MS-13 gang members now terrorize our citizens.  Drugs flow like a river over our borders.  Unaccompanied children sent here with no families are taken in by gangs to increase their numbers.  It is certainly not the life they were sent here for.

To use the wall as a political fodder is self-serving and dangerous.  To cite cost as a reason is penny wise and pound foolish.  President Trump is right.  In the long run Mexico will pay for the wall.  They have already started making payments by way of the foreign exchange rate and the decline in our trade deficit with Mexico.