You Can’t Reason With Crazy


North Korea is located in Asia just south of China and north of South Korea.  For decades the United States and others have tried to reason with North Korea with positive reinforcements.  In return they have promised to stop attempting to develop nuclear and ballistic weapons.

Year after year North Korea has reneged on all of its promises making any agreement with them not worth the paper it is written on.  But, prior leaders understood that if they pushed the aggression too far there would be dire consequences.

Today North Korea is run by someone clearly suffering from delusions of grandeur.  Intent on taking over the world with nuclear weapons he repeatedly tests missiles.


Who knows how close North Korea really is to actually being able to carry out their threats of mass destruction.  What we do know is that everyday they are closer to reaching their goals.

The United States does have a moral obligation to stand with our allies in the region.  However, we do not need to take responsibility for putting North Korea in their place.  Japan and South Korea are the obvious targets of North Korea’s nuclear bombs.


Like other displays of North Korea’s might, the latest missile test failed.  In addition to being determined to be the king of the world, North Korea is not able to control their missiles when they are able to get them up.

It is just a matter of time before one of their out of control bombs hit something.  Russia and China are just as likely to be the recipient as South Korea or Japan.  It is in their best interest to put a stop to the madness.  Both countries do have the ability to do so.