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Make America Great Again


To hear pundits opine one might think that Make America Great Again is an extension of the Republican Party.  But, it is not.  Rumor has it that #MAGA are blind followers of Donald J. Trump.  But, we are not.

Make America Great Again is a movement.  The forgotten men and women of all creeds, races, political affiliations, religions, sexual preferences and God knows what else are appalled at the state of our Nation.  We recognize that Washington, DC is filled with corruption and greed.

Those we have sent to represent us in our Nation’s capital have let us down.  While Congress has been busy playing Party politics our roads, bridges, highways, airports, hospitals, schools and ever so much more have crumbled before our eyes.  Anarchists are in our streets, impeding the rights of others, damaging property, silencing those they don’t agree with and violently assaulting others.  Where was Congress?

Veterans that put their lives on the line so that some self-absorbed overpaid nut jobs can sit during our National Anthem are living on our streets in desperate need of care.  Middle class families are living hand to mouth struggling to survive buried in debt.  Our inner cities have housing not fit for human habitation.  Children can no longer play safely on their streets.  What has Congress been doing?

A Nation Under God, our children are no longer allowed to pray at school.  Christians are no longer suppose to say Merry Christmas or Happy Easter.  A Country founded on the freedom of religion no longer allows citizens to practice their faith.  Why did Congress allow our First and Fourth Amendment Rights to be trampled?

The Make America Great Again movement has had enough of the inmates running the asylum.  We wish to return this Nation to one of law and order.  One where our children are safe, well-educated and find the United States to be the land of opportunity for them all.

We remember when family mattered.  People worked to live, not lived to work.  People treated other people how they would like to be treated.  We worked hard for everything we had and were extremely grateful to have it.  People looked for a hand up, not a hand out.

When the United States Congress takes half of the year off how do they expect to get anything done?  With every vote down Party Line why on earth do we need so many of them?  What would possess Congress to weaponize our National Security folks for political fodder?

The time has come for change.  We are One Nation Under God.  It is time we start acting like it.  President Trump and his family are sacrificing a great deal for him to serve this Country.  Never in my life have I ever seen such vilification of one man.  Congress Members stir up hatred of all those supporting the opposition for political gain at the peril of this Nation.

Enough is enough.  We are not democrats or republicans, black or white, we are Americans living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Donald J. Trump is not the President of the democrat or republican parties, polls, pundits or propagandists.  He is The 45th President for the people of the United States of America, each and every one.  Given half a chance Donald J. Trump might very well do an outstanding job.

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The Bodies Keep Stacking UP


Vince Foster  On July 20, 1993 forty-eight year old Vince Foster sat down in front of a tree in Marcy Park in McLean, VA.  Mr. Foster leaned his back against the tree, allegedly put a pistol in his mouth and fired.

The person finding Mr. Foster’s body stated that he looked for a gun and did not find one.  After time spent with the FBI the witness recanted his statement.  There were no fingerprints on the outside of the gun.  The two fingerprints found on the inside of the gun were not Foster’s.

Foster started out an Arkansas lawyer.  He was a partner, along with Hillary Clinton at Rose Law Firm.  Foster was among the contingency of attorneys that accompanied the Clintons in Washington, DC

At the time of Vince Foster’s death the Clintons were up to their eyeballs in travelgate.  Foster was one of the lawyers on the Clinton team.

Shawn Lucus  On August 2, 2016 thirty-eight Shawn Lucas was found dead on his bathroom floor.  The cause of his death was a pharmaceutal error.

On July 1, 2016 working as a process-server Mr. Lucus served the DNC and Wasserman Schultz a lawsuit alleging fraud in the Presidential primary favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  Mr. Lucas shared a video of him at the DNC on social media before he died.

Kurt Smolek  On August 28, 2017 Kurt Smolek was reported missing. A few days later the body of the forty-five year old diplomatic security special agent to the State Department  was found floating in the Potomac River.

An associate of the Clinton’s, Smolek served in the Hillary Clinton State Department.  At the time of his death he was involved in the investigation of child trafficking of Cambodia’s children.  Included in that investigations were questions regarding the role of the Clinton Foundation’s work with children in Cambodia.

Seth Rich  In the early morning hours of July 10, 2016 the twenty-seven year old DNC staffer’s body was found on the street in Washington, DC.  It was reported that Rich was covered in bruises and shot several times, at least once in the back.

Mr. Rich was employed at the DNC when someone entered their offices and downloaded the infamous e-mails onto a device that was later given to Julian Assange of WikeLeaks.  Mr. Assange issued a twenty thousand dollar reward for information leading to the conviction of the murderer of Seth Rich.

Beranton J. Whisenant Jr.  Thirty-seven year old Federal Prosecutor was found shot in the head floating in the water at a Miami beach.  It was reported that Whisenant’s personal possessions remained with him.

A member of the major crimes unit Whisenant was employed by the US Attorney’s Office in Miami.  At the time of his murder Whisenant was involved with the investigation of voter fraud connected to the DNC regarding mail theft.

Klaus Eberwein, Malcolm X, Peter W. Smith all met an early demise under questionable circumstances.  All had a connection to the DNC players of one kind or another.

None of these cases were given anequate coverage by the main stream media.  All were dismissed quickly as tragic events not needing any investigation.