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Loony Left – If Only They Would


There was a time in the United States when the words we pledge our allegiance with meant something.  Many of our citizens fought for our right to say them.  Many of those died so that we might live freely in a democracy.

Presidents come and Presidents go.  It is not the person filling the office but, the office itself that makes this country great.  However, an attack of a sitting President is a threat to our democracy.

Whether you love President Trump or hate him, is irrelevant.  Donald J. Trump is now and will forevermore be the 45th President of the United States of America.  Only time will tell whether or not he was a good one.  In the meantime we need to let the man do his job.

The daily salacious headlines crying wolf based on gossip and supported by anonymous sources do more harm than good for the United States.  We are a nation where people are innocent until proven guilty.  Yet our main stream media act as judge, jury and executioner.

Speculation on what may or may not be true is nothing more than that.  The idea that democrats lie and the media swears to it is absurd.  Are those on the left staying up at night developing the melody of the moment in their The Sky Is Falling song so narcissistic to believe it will be business as usual if their coup attempts were successful?

Democrats in Congress and the media are opening Pandora’s Box.  We are a nation of law and order based on the United States Constitution.  Those trying to undermine President Trump can only succeed by undermining the principles the United States of America was founded on.

The lack of respect, civility and common decency practiced daily by those trying to further their own self-serving agenda is disgraceful.  President Trump is sixty-eight years old.  He has been in the public eye for most of his adult life.  Any connection to Russia would have been discovered long ago.

If a group of malcontents can successfully take down a sitting President what chance do the rest of us have?  If the President can be slandered on a daily basis what chance do the rest of us have?  Guilty of something, the loony left has no idea what.  But, they will keep on looking.

The media have backed themselves into a corner.  The complete and total lack of facts to back up the drivel they spew based on anonymous sources have made what use to be a respected profession nothing more than a joke.  The airwaves are filled daily with hysterical fear mongers. The transparency of the propaganda makes the media look unhinged.

The media has painted a fictitious picture that cannot be supported with actual facts.  Their desperation more apparent daily, forces them to present more and more speculation.  The more speculation the press presents as fact the less we as a nation can rely on them.

If the Trump administration fails so do the American people in more ways than one.  Rational people outside Washington, DC are busy trying to put food on the table.  Everyone and their brother are investigating anyone and everything Trump.

A novel idea might be to wait for the results of actual investigations based on facts before drawing conclusions.  Unfortunately our main stream media has written the story and hope like hell the investigations will make them true.  However, if the investigations produce no crime the United States press will be reduced to a laughing-stock of the world.


Democrats Want To Talk About A Coup


Democrats and the loony left media want to talk about a coup.  Let’s talk.  In the newest verse of the Democrats’ theme song The Sky Is Falling followed by the same old chorus Russia, Russia, Russia they accuse President Trump of attempting a coup.

To start with, President Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America.  If he wants to take over himself who are we to stop him?  It is not a coup.  It is his job.

Democrats with Nancy Pelosi’s daughter leading the revolution attempted to intimidate Electoral College Members into forsaking the voters they swore to represent.  Their intent to overthrow the 45th President before he was even inaugurated.  Now that is an attempted coup.

November 9, 2016 democrats in Congress and the mainstream media began their chant to overthrow President Trump.  Publicly stating every chance they get that they intend to take down President Trump.  At not so private retreats funded by deep pockets democrats in Congress planned their line of attack to take down the President.  Now that is an attempt at a coup.

A news outlet providing one candidate but, not the other with the questions prior to a debate may not be an attempt at a coup.  However when you hear that same news outlet complain about Russia trying to influence voters in our election it is hard not to laugh.  It takes one to know one.

For months the media and democrats have demanded that FBI Director James Comey be fired.  When President Trump fired him the democrats accused the President of attempting a coup against himself.

As a political appointee, the Director of the FBI serves at the President’s will and can be fired or hired at the President’s discretion.  When President Bill Clinton fired another Director of the FBI the democrats, media, republicans and anybody in their right mind did not have a problem with it.

The disgrace comes from the fear mongering, lies and melodrama provided by the democrats and the media.  They know their arguments don’t hold water so they dissect every syllable twisting it to fit whatever villanous story they are trying to spin.

According to democrats and media the timing is proof that President Trump is attempting a coup by trying to stop any investigation into his alledged Russia connection.  Knowing full well how absurd their claim is, they regurgitate it over and over again.

In reality the democrats and media chanting the loudest all know that the FBI never missed a beat.  Any and all investigations being worked on before Comey was fired continue to be worked on.  They know that there are ongoing investigations in both the House and Senate.

Neither democrats in Congress or the so-called mainstream media believe for one instance that the United States Of America is in a crisis because President Trump fired James Comey.  Without batting an eye they use fear to undermine the President.  Now that is an attempt at a coup.

Every time you turn around the democrats are whining about something.  The outrage of the moment is shared  by them all almost verbatim.  Each accusation more bizarre than the last.

Democrats inform the nation that people will die in the streets if Obamacare is repealed.  People were not dying in the street before Obamacare and they won’t be after Obamacare.  Instead of trying to help fix the debacle they created, democrats fight to stop the republicans from cleaning up their mess.

Crying wolf every waking moment is not meant to help the American people.  It is yet another example of trying to take over the United States Congress and the White House.  Democrats and the left-wing propagandists spend all their time on attempting to oust Trump in a coup.  All the while the real stories go right over their heads.


Chuckie Whimper & Nancy Whine

Just when you think Democratic Congress Members can’t get anymore melodramatic, they do.  Fear mongering is the best they have.  House republicans hadn’t even had a chance to pat themselves on the back before democrats started their latest the sky is falling chant.

Quite frankly democrats have a lot of nerve complaining about the healthcare bill passed in the house.  They refused to sit at the table in a good faith effort to fix the healthcare debacle they created.  Instead they have chosen to derelict their duty.

More interested in causing chaos than the job their constituents hired them to do, democrats frighten the most vulnerable.  Democratic Congress Members should be well aware that the AHCA will now be worked on in the Senate.  Like all bills, it is very likely that it will undergo more changes there.

Obamacare is repealing itself.  There is a big difference between having an insurance card and having coverage.  Premiums, co-pays and deductibles have skyrocketed.  Insurance providers have dropped out like flies.  Employers can no longer afford to pay for quality plans for employees.  The list goes on and on for the issues created with Obamacare.

Democrats better hope AHCA passes the Senate.  Otherwise they will be holding the bag while Obamacare implodes all by itself.  Republicans would be wise to let that happen.  The problem with both scenarios is that the American People will lose.

It is in the best interest of this nation for Senate democrats, republicans, independents (democrats) Bernie and Angus to sit down together like grownups.  The more voices in the discussion the better the end product will be.

No matter how good a healthcare plan is, it will not please everyone.  But, two Parties’ input would be better than one’s.  If Democrats don’t want to be part of the solution than they need to get out of the republicans way and let them do what they can.

Either way, democrats need to stop their crying and grow up.  Who knows what the final healthcare plan will look like.  What I do know is that people weren’t dying in the streets from lack of healthcare before Obamacare and they won’t be after.  Anyone who claims otherwise is lying.

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Democrats Do More Harm Than Good

Imagine if democrats in Congress spent as much time actually doing their job as they do causing trouble.  Unfortunately their main goal is undermining the President of the United States.  God forbid that President Trump do a good job.  Although it would be wonderful for the American people, it would not make the democrats relevant.

The problem with the democrats is that they have no plans.  Too busy playing sophomoric games to further their self-serving agenda, democratic Congress members have no end game.  Blinded by their lust for control they no longer have anything worthwhile to contribute to their constituents.

If President Trump walked on water democrats would scream “Trump can’t swim”.  The deep pockets pulling their strings would organize yet another protest.  Who cares how many people are inconvenienced by their nonsense?  What’s the big deal with a little property damage?  If someone disagrees they can have their paid thugs assault them.

Somewhere along the way Democrats have turned into the mean and hateful Party.  If attacking the President with fictitious claims of a connection to Russia places the United States in peril, oh well.  Using inflammatory rhetoric bashing President Putin is making it impossible for the United States to live in peace with Russia, not their problem.

Democrats mad they lost the Presidential race they thought was in the bag went so far as to attempt a coup.  With Nancy Pelosi’s daughter doing their dirty work democrats attempted to intimidate Electoral College members into forsaking the voters they were to represent.  As a result, democrats’ candidate lost more votes than the intended target.

Democrat Joe Biden made up a rule that Supreme Court Justices can’t be nominated during a Presidential election.  Republicans refused to consider Obama’s nominee based on the democrats’ rule.  Democrats cried and refuse to consider President Trump’s nominee.  Based on democrats’ Harry Reid’s rule republicans were able to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch without the democrats.

Instead of spending time trying to find solutions to the problems Americans face today, democrats plan ways to smear the President.  If they have to destroy the United States to get their way so be it.

Democrats cannot see the forest thru the trees.  They are so intent on biting off their noses to spite their constituents’ faces, that they don’t consider the consequences of their actions.

The American taxpayers deserve better.



Russia, Russia, Russia


Russia is a country located north of China.  It has magnificent architecture.  Bernie Sanders and his wife honeymooned there.  From 1922 until 1991 Russia was known as the Soviet Union.  Shortly after WWII ended the United States and the then Soviet Union entered into the Cold War.  Thankfully there were no weapons involved.  We hated them, they hated us.

 russia6  Russia7

During the 1960’s school children across  the US participated in “Duck & Cover” drills.  The air horns would blast and students practiced hiding under their desks.  There wasn’t a child in the US that wasn’t prepared for the “big one”.  We were reminded daily that the Soviet Union would attack us.  They spied on us.  We spied on them.


Hysteria took over the land.  Families built bomb shelters.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and others spied on Americans.  Hollywood elites black balled those they deemed to be a threat.  No one trusted anyone.


Then in 1982 a ten-year old school girl named Samantha Smith from Manchester, Maine wrote a letter to CPSU General Secretary Yuri Andropov confiding in him that she was worried the United States and Russia were going to have a nuclear war.  Mr. Andropov was so touched by her letter he invited her to visit Russia to meet with Russian school children.


Samantha Smith was arguably the best good will ambassador the US has ever had.  Tragically Samantha Smith was killed in a plane crash in 1985.  One child managed to pave the way to peace between us.


Further advancements were made.  President Reagan’s famous “Tear Down This Wall” speech given on June 12, 1987 highlighted the end of the cold war.  The spying back and forth never ended.  Neither country has been above-board with their dealing regarding the other.  But, somehow we have managed to peacefully agree to disagree.  For years we have smiled at them.  They have smiled at us.


Russia has allegedly tried to interfere in all our elections.  Some in Congress are making a Federal case out of the 2016 election for political reasons.  It has been reported that Russia hacked into the DNC’s private server and released embarrassing information by way of WikiLeaks.  Democrats and the media dismissed it.  They were so confident their candidate would win they couldn’t have cared less.


Surprise, Donald J. Trump won instead.  In one of their many attempts to undermine the President democrats started yelling Russia, Russia, Russia.  They dug up a clip from a nationally televised debate.  Based on a comment made in jest they connected the President to Russia.  It has been downhill from there.  They beat that dead horse day in and day out.


Going back to the DNC server, it should be noted that the FBI cautioned both the DNC and the RNC that Russia might be trying to hack into their servers and offered to secure them.  The RNC accepted the offer while the DNC declined.  Since it was determined that Russia hacked the DNC’s server WikiLeaks has provided documents detailing how our intelligence agencies can hack something leaving a trail making it look like it comes from another country.


Who knows if Russia hacked the DNC or not?  The only thing not in question is that information found on the DNC server was real.  This is a case of the truth may have hurt.  However, the DNC has no one but themselves to blame.  Had Hillary Clinton won the American people would have heard no more about Russia interfering in the 2016 election than we have about any of the other elections they alledgedly interferred in.


It is business as usual between the US and Russia, nothing more.  But, the sour grapes in the Democratic Party and the media scrutinize every picture ever taken to connect anybody that may have stayed at a Trump Hotel to Russia.   Democrats have played the Russia card before.  It would be one thing if it had worked but, it didn’t.  Maybe they will have more luck with it this time.


The main objective of democrats in Congress is to destroy President Donald J. Trump at any cost.  If they have to take down innocent bystanders along the way so be it.  Just ask General Flynn, a decorated war hero that served the US admirably for many years.


A phone call with the Russian Ambassador similar to those engaged in by his counterpart in the Clinton campaign and boom.  General Flynn was conspiring with Russia.  Who cares that he did nothing wrong?  The call was illegally unmasked and leaked in yet another attempt at a Trump assault.  If General Flynn’s civil liberties were violated is of no concern to the democrats and the media.


Fortunately most American people are smart enough to see thru their transparency.  However that doesn’t make it any less dangerous.  All in an attempt to undermine the President, members of the US congress and the media have managed to plow under all those seeds of peace planted by a ten-year old girl all those years ago.


Democrats have set US relations with Russia back decades in just a matter of months.  They have even managed to scare poor Senator John McCain back under his desk.  With the help of their friends in the media democrats continue with the Putin attacks.  How long do they think they can poke that bear before it responds?


Democrats and the media are putting the American people in harm’s way.  With complete and total disregard for the safety of this nation they continue on in an attempt to further their own self-indulgent agenda.  How many more ten-year olds have they frightened?


What Goes Around Comes Around

flag2 (2)

We are a nation governed by The United States Constitution.  It is time we start playing by those rules again.  They have served us well.  Our forefathers knew what they were doing when they divided our government into three equal branches.  For our country to run smoothly the three branches need to do so as well.


The Supreme Court is responsible for ensuring that disputes are resolved in accordance with the United States Constitution.  As a result of partisan politics one of those seats has remained empty for months.  Garland didn’t get a hearing thanks to Republicans.  So Democrats refuse to vote “yes” for Neil Gorsuch.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.


The Supreme Court can run smoothly with only eight sitting justices.  The problem comes when the eight justices are equally divided.  When that happens the Supreme Court relinquish its duties to a lower court.  Instead of having nine well qualified justices decide a case that can affect us all.  We place our fate in the hands of one justice from a lower court.  Rouge self-indulgent justices suffering from delusions of grandeur are free to play politics from their bench.


 The Executive Branch, headed by the President approves legislation and commands our military.  The duties of a President are limited.  A President doesn’t make laws.  The President approves or doesn’t legislation passed by Congress.  A President must have approval from Congress to go to war.  President Trump is the least of our worries.


The Legislative Branch known as Congress is divided into the House and Senate.  Their job is to take care of business for the American people.  Each state has two Senators to represent their home state.  The number of Representatives from each state is based on population.  Their job is to represent their constituents.


Partisan politics has taken over Congress.  Members have sold their souls to their political Parties.  The top priority is stacking the deck in Congress by filling the seats with those from their Party.  Their days are spent campaigning for the next election.  Pleasing political donors takes precedence over serving this country.


The quagmire in Congress has progressively gotten worse over time and didn’t happen overnight.  Pointing all the fingers in the world won’t help.  There is plenty of blame to go around.  As time has gone by, members have been emboldened to push the envelope further and further.  They are in the process of pushing it too far.


One Party makes a rule to benefit the Party, not the people.  When the other Party uses the same rule for their benefit the first Party cries foul.  Neither Party has the foresight to consider the long-term ramification of their actions.


Democrats’ antics of undermining the President of the United States are setting a dangerous precedent.  Once the genie is let out of the bottle, there will be no getting it back in.  Congress members need to think long and hard before they do.


Democrats unhappy they lost the Presidential election went so far as attempting a coup.  With Nancy Pelosi’s daughter as their minion they attempted to intimidate Electoral College members into overriding the American people.  Luckily it backfired.  Their candidate lost more votes than their intended target.  Imagine if they had succeeded?  Are they so naïve to think it would have been business as usual?


Instead of representing their constituents at the table they spend every waking moment fear mongering.  Then they complain the people are afraid.  What good does that do the American people?  Calls for the American people to protest and fight the President in hopes he fails to further their Party’s agenda are un-American.  Causing chaos in our streets is not in the best interest of the American people.


What goes around comes around.  The problem is when all you do is run around in circles you get nowhere.  That is exactly the direction Congress is going.