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Press Is No Friend Of The People!


Gone are the days that the press tells the Nation the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The American people are no longer given the facts and allowed to come to their own conclusions.

On election night the  Nation watched as the media  imploded.  Their disdain for the newly elected Donald J. Trump made it clear they would not be capable of  covering the President honestly.

Thankfully everything is recorded.  Watching the actual event and hearing the media coverage is bizarre.  Instead of giving all the facts, the media puts their spin on it.  Their “Trump is Evil” message is clear.

The behavior in the daily press briefings is jaw dropping.  Journalists behave like a pack of wolves ready to attack their prey, Sean Spicer.  The tone is noxious.  Leading questions meant to diminish the President are repeated over and over when Spicer doesn’t answer in accordance with their script.

One of the esteemed reporters had the audacity to ask the White House Press Secretary if he was going to lie.  An honest person and a liar would answer the same.  One has to wonder if the question was meant to impugn the integrity of Sean Spicer or just plain ridiculous.

The fact that Russia has tried to interfere in all our elections is nothing new.  Media outlets jumped on it.  Hacking into the DNC server was automatically assumed to prove a Trump – Russia connection.  Although it happened during the primaries they did not assume it was meant to help Bernie Sanders.  After all Sanders did honeymoon in Russia.

The media continues to blur the line between fact and fiction.  Their self-indulgent desire to further their own political agenda diminishes their credibility daily.  Fear mongering, lies and innuendos are now  the tools of the trade.  Journalistic integrity is long gone.

Twenty-four hours a day the airwaves are filled with opinion, speculation and interpretation .  Instead of meaningful discussions, commentators shout over one another.  If that doesn’t work they revert to childish name calling.

Rather than provide the American People with  facts the media attack the President of The United States of America.  Headlines calling Trump names warn the people the sky is falling.  Then they gloat at the low approval ratings that they have caused.

Already looking ahead to the 2020 election,  the goal of the media is clear.  November 9, 2016 was the start of their campaign to destroy President Trump in an attempt to influence our next election.

So when I hear broadcast journalists dramatically denounce Russia for attempting to influence the election I can only shake my head in disbelief.  If that is not the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is.

For eight years the main stream media worshipped at the feet of President Obama.  With a tingle up a leg they lulled the American people into a false sense of security.  All the while spinning the coverage into what they wanted us to believe.

During those same eight years many in the press provided cover to the President they swore to protect at all costs.  Even at the expense of the People.  Statements made today by President Trump are vilified while similar statements made by President Obama were praised.

While the press is busy chasing their tails trying to find one iota of proof of the Trump connection to Russia the real stories are ignored.  Instead of investigating leaks, unmasking, Obama’s January 5, 2017 order sharing raw intelligence data with anyone who was curious and civil liberty violations of American citizens, the media makes up excuses.

United States Representative Devin Nunes held a press briefing telling the world that he had found evidence of unmasking of citizens associated with President Trump having nothing to do with Russia.  Nunes clearly stated to the press that he was on his way to inform the President.

The press responded with attacks of Devin Nunes.  Implying he was sneaky and couldn’t be trusted.  What the press did not do was investigate the allegations.

A Hillary Clinton advisor, Evelyn Farkus described on a national network how she tampered with evidence.  Stating if the Trump Administration knew what they knew and how they knew it there would be trouble.  Farkus went on to say she wanted to get hold of all the information she could before the Obama Administration left because she was afraid that high-ranking officials in the Obama Administration would destroy it on the way out the door.  The only people protected with the lack of evidence would be those in the Obama Administration.  However, the main stream media downplayed the story.

Susan Rice, a high-ranking official in the Obama Administration stated that she had no knowledge of the unmasking of private citizens that US Congressman Devin Nunes was talking about.  Then two weeks later Rice confessed that she was the one who requested the unmasking which led to the leaking.  Rice then denied that she leaked them herself.

In runs the press.  Presto, according to the media Rice said she didn’t do it, case closed.  This is the same Susan Rice that was caught lying about what actually transpired in Benghazi and more.  The press would prefer the American people remain uninformed on the matter.

What was once thought of as an esteemed profession has reduced itself to a propaganda machine practicing yellow journalism with integrity no where in sight.

So when President Trump referred to the press as the “enemy of the people” he was not wrong.  Rather than look themselves in the mirror, the press interpreted the comment to be evil.  That way no self-reflection was necessary.