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Free Healthcare For All!


It seems that Bernie Sanders in on to something.  Free healthcare for all!  While we’re at it, we should demand that free lollipops be given at every doctors’ appointment.  Now, those were the days.  What a dream come true for every hypochondriac in America.

Who doesn’t like free stuff?  The only problem is that everything comes with a price.  Unfortunately there is no exception for socialized medicine.  Those costs can be debated until the cows come home.  The only thing certain is that someone will pay.

Sanders professes that the government should pick up the tab for everyone’s healthcare bill.  That sounds wonderful.  However, it is the United States’ taxpayers that provide those very same proceeds to the government.  Healthcare costs will simply be replaced with tax bills through the roof.  One way or the other it will be the American people footing the bill.

Those pushing for socialized medicine need to be careful.  They might get what they wish for.  Although steps are now being taken in the right direction, the Veterans’ Administration has a dismal record of quality care.  The only people dying in the streets before, during and yes after Obamacare are veterans.  Considering how well our government has managed the healthcare of veterans do we really want them managing our Nation’s medical care?  I for one, think not.



Chuckie Whimper & Nancy Whine

Just when you think Democratic Congress Members can’t get anymore melodramatic, they do.  Fear mongering is the best they have.  House republicans hadn’t even had a chance to pat themselves on the back before democrats started their latest the sky is falling chant.

Quite frankly democrats have a lot of nerve complaining about the healthcare bill passed in the house.  They refused to sit at the table in a good faith effort to fix the healthcare debacle they created.  Instead they have chosen to derelict their duty.

More interested in causing chaos than the job their constituents hired them to do, democrats frighten the most vulnerable.  Democratic Congress Members should be well aware that the AHCA will now be worked on in the Senate.  Like all bills, it is very likely that it will undergo more changes there.

Obamacare is repealing itself.  There is a big difference between having an insurance card and having coverage.  Premiums, co-pays and deductibles have skyrocketed.  Insurance providers have dropped out like flies.  Employers can no longer afford to pay for quality plans for employees.  The list goes on and on for the issues created with Obamacare.

Democrats better hope AHCA passes the Senate.  Otherwise they will be holding the bag while Obamacare implodes all by itself.  Republicans would be wise to let that happen.  The problem with both scenarios is that the American People will lose.

It is in the best interest of this nation for Senate democrats, republicans, independents (democrats) Bernie and Angus to sit down together like grownups.  The more voices in the discussion the better the end product will be.

No matter how good a healthcare plan is, it will not please everyone.  But, two Parties’ input would be better than one’s.  If Democrats don’t want to be part of the solution than they need to get out of the republicans way and let them do what they can.

Either way, democrats need to stop their crying and grow up.  Who knows what the final healthcare plan will look like.  What I do know is that people weren’t dying in the streets from lack of healthcare before Obamacare and they won’t be after.  Anyone who claims otherwise is lying.