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Think Out Side The Box


Obamacare isn’t perfect  Many people technically have coverage.  However, their deductibles are so high that short of catastrophic illness nothing is actually covered,  Providers are dropping out like flies.  Mandatory coverage is not an option for many.  Paying the penalty is more cost-effective than paying the escalating premiums.


In hindsight it is easy to see why Obamacare is in a death spiral.  For starters, the Affordable Health Care for America Act is one thousand, nine hundred and ninety (1,990) pages long.  My mother’s Bible is one thousand, eight hundred and fifty-three (1,853) pages.  Deemed too long to read, Congress members relied on staff to review it.


The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi summed it up.  “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”  Translated, Pelosi instructed the house to vote for a bill they hadn’t read, didn’t understand and hope for the best.


Like the Pied Piper, President Obama spoke and the democrats followed him blindly.  On December 24, 2009 HR 3590 passed in the Senate with sixty (60) votes “for” cast by all democrats, thirty-nine (39) “against” and one (1) did not vote.  On March 21, 2010 HR 3962 passed in the House.  The breakdown there was two hundred and nineteen (219) “yea”s all from democrats and two hundred and twelve (212) “nay”s.  Thirty-four (34) democrats were among the naysayers.


Fast forward to the present day and the fog has lifted.  What was meant to provide affordable health care to the American people does not.  The complexity of it makes it impossible to understand for most.  Yet democrats continue to regurgitate the Party’s talking points of yesteryear.


Since March 23, 2010 the day that President Obama signed it into law republicans have shouted “Repeal and Replace”.  But apparently it never occurred to them that in order to replace Obamacare republicans would need something to replace it with.  Instead of learning from democrats’ mistakes, republicans duplicated them.  Fortunately for the American people they failed at their attempt at more of the same.


In a perfect world we would all get what we want.  Short of that we must compromise.  Of course every American must have access to necessary healthcare.  Unfortunately no healthcare plan alone can accomplish that.  Health care is just one piece of the puzzle.


There will always be those less fortunate in society that require assistance.  Put in whatever safeguards are necessary to insure that no one falls thru the cracks.  Worry less about the cost and more about reducing the need for public assistance.


Stop dumping billions of  Federal dollars into Ivey League schools that are swimming in cash.  Give it to the state colleges instead.  Make this the land of opportunity for all children.  Give them the skills necessary to become productive members of society.  Better jobs and tax cuts will make it easier for those struggling towards a goal of self-reliance.


In order to reduce the cost of any healthcare plan we must reduce the actual costs of healthcare.  The pharmaceutical  industry is fleecing the American public.  Tax exempt hospitals pay their top management millions while their lawyers hound poor people in small claims courts.  Four different patients can be charged four different amounts for the very same procedures.


Give all those bleeding heart liberals an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is.  On Internal Revenue Service Tax Forms 1040 and 1120 right after “total taxes” add a line “voluntary contribution to the wonderful new healthcare reform”.


The donation could then be deducted from adjusted gross income on the following year’s return.  For a taxpayer paying at a twenty percent (20%)  tax rate eighty cents ($ .80) of every dollar ($1.00) donated would go to help fund health care.  Don’t underestimate the gernerosity of the American people.



It is time those we have entrusted with running this country start earning those hard-earned tax dollars we pay them.  They must put partican politics aside.  Otherwise their lack of accomplishment makes Congress usless.


Where are The Grownups In Congress?


The United States Congress is a disgrace.  It is time for all members do a little soul-searching.

sitin white1

Without enough votes to do things on their own Democrats have chosen to do nothing.  Boycotts, sit-ins and color coding their attire are just a few examples of the nonsense they partake in.

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Democrats scream Russia and President Trump are connected based on a comment made in jest during a nationally televised debate.  Complaining the President is new to politics democrats dragged their feet using every dirty trick they could come up with to stall confirmations of the very Cabinet members a President must rely on.  Democrats blatantly conspire to destroy the President with total disregard for the collateral damage their actions cause.


Democrats refuse to vote “yes” for Neil Gorsuch.  Whether or not Merrik Garland should have been given a hearing is irrelevant.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Congress’ only job is to determine if a candidate is qualified for the position.  Meanwhile the seat sits empty on the Supreme Court at the detriment of the American people.


A democratic Congress member declared with pride that she is “a nasty woman”.  Is that the message we as a nation want to send to girls?  Do we want them to grow up to be nasty women?

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Every day democrats appear on television hysterically fear mongering.  But, they have no solutions, plans or ideas for how to make the American people better off.

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Republican Congress members have been handed an opportunity of a life time.  The majority in Congress coupled with a Republican President the sky is the limit for what they could accomplish.  Yet they don’t.

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For eight years Republicans debated the best way to repeal and replace Obama Care.  Yet when the opportunity presented itself they failed the American people.  Self-indulgent members couldn’t stop bickering.  Caucus groups within the Party demanded top priority.   Patting each other on the back, they overlook their lack of accomplishment.  Meanwhile nothing gets done.


Republicans run to the closest camera, push the democrat whining about President Trump out of the way to make their case.  What they don’t do is discuss it amongst themselves.  Each so closed-minded, they are not able to hear the other.


At this point in time Congress is like a clogged drain.  Nothing gets passed.  It is time for all those in Congress to remember that they are far less important than the office they hold.  Democrats and Republicans alike have much to answer for.