Give A Helping Hand


There will always be people in any society that through no fault of their own cannot provide for themselves.  There will always be those that fall on hard times that need some assistance getting back on their feet.  That is a need that a civilized society must address.

What a civilized society must not do is place barriers in the way of those trying to improve their lot in life.  Unfortunately entitlement programs meant to aid those less fortunate people provide no way out of poverty.  Instead they turn public assistance programs into the family business.

It would be far more productive, not to mention compassionate to provide folks in need with the necessary tools to become productive members of society.  Apprenticeships, affordable further education for all and good paying jobs would be a good start.

Instead of burying young adults just starting out in life with student loan debts make state colleges an option for every child in America.  Without hope children become vulnerable to many of the evils in the world.  Self medication becomes a means of escape from their reality.  Gangs and terrorist groups welcome them with open arms.

It is time for the United States of America to stop being a welfare country and make this the land of opportunity our forefathers had in mind.  Free safe, dependable daycare centers where parents can leave their children knowing they are in good hands would allow many parents the ability to be gainfully employed that otherwise could not.

Entitlement programs assume that those in poverty must stay there.  For some that may very well be the case.  But, the great majority living on public assistance receiving food stamps would much rather have the ability to make their own choices in life.  All they need to achieve the American Dream is an opportunity to do so.

Although President Trump’s budget proposal may not be the end all, it is certainly a step in the right direction.  It does have many things in it that will point this country in the right direction.