Russia, Russia, Russia


Russia is a country located north of China.  It has magnificent architecture.  Bernie Sanders and his wife honeymooned there.  From 1922 until 1991 Russia was known as the Soviet Union.  Shortly after WWII ended the United States and the then Soviet Union entered into the Cold War.  Thankfully there were no weapons involved.  We hated them, they hated us.

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During the 1960’s school children across  the US participated in “Duck & Cover” drills.  The air horns would blast and students practiced hiding under their desks.  There wasn’t a child in the US that wasn’t prepared for the “big one”.  We were reminded daily that the Soviet Union would attack us.  They spied on us.  We spied on them.


Hysteria took over the land.  Families built bomb shelters.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and others spied on Americans.  Hollywood elites black balled those they deemed to be a threat.  No one trusted anyone.


Then in 1982 a ten-year old school girl named Samantha Smith from Manchester, Maine wrote a letter to CPSU General Secretary Yuri Andropov confiding in him that she was worried the United States and Russia were going to have a nuclear war.  Mr. Andropov was so touched by her letter he invited her to visit Russia to meet with Russian school children.


Samantha Smith was arguably the best good will ambassador the US has ever had.  Tragically Samantha Smith was killed in a plane crash in 1985.  One child managed to pave the way to peace between us.


Further advancements were made.  President Reagan’s famous “Tear Down This Wall” speech given on June 12, 1987 highlighted the end of the cold war.  The spying back and forth never ended.  Neither country has been above-board with their dealing regarding the other.  But, somehow we have managed to peacefully agree to disagree.  For years we have smiled at them.  They have smiled at us.


Russia has allegedly tried to interfere in all our elections.  Some in Congress are making a Federal case out of the 2016 election for political reasons.  It has been reported that Russia hacked into the DNC’s private server and released embarrassing information by way of WikiLeaks.  Democrats and the media dismissed it.  They were so confident their candidate would win they couldn’t have cared less.


Surprise, Donald J. Trump won instead.  In one of their many attempts to undermine the President democrats started yelling Russia, Russia, Russia.  They dug up a clip from a nationally televised debate.  Based on a comment made in jest they connected the President to Russia.  It has been downhill from there.  They beat that dead horse day in and day out.


Going back to the DNC server, it should be noted that the FBI cautioned both the DNC and the RNC that Russia might be trying to hack into their servers and offered to secure them.  The RNC accepted the offer while the DNC declined.  Since it was determined that Russia hacked the DNC’s server WikiLeaks has provided documents detailing how our intelligence agencies can hack something leaving a trail making it look like it comes from another country.


Who knows if Russia hacked the DNC or not?  The only thing not in question is that information found on the DNC server was real.  This is a case of the truth may have hurt.  However, the DNC has no one but themselves to blame.  Had Hillary Clinton won the American people would have heard no more about Russia interfering in the 2016 election than we have about any of the other elections they alledgedly interferred in.


It is business as usual between the US and Russia, nothing more.  But, the sour grapes in the Democratic Party and the media scrutinize every picture ever taken to connect anybody that may have stayed at a Trump Hotel to Russia.   Democrats have played the Russia card before.  It would be one thing if it had worked but, it didn’t.  Maybe they will have more luck with it this time.


The main objective of democrats in Congress is to destroy President Donald J. Trump at any cost.  If they have to take down innocent bystanders along the way so be it.  Just ask General Flynn, a decorated war hero that served the US admirably for many years.


A phone call with the Russian Ambassador similar to those engaged in by his counterpart in the Clinton campaign and boom.  General Flynn was conspiring with Russia.  Who cares that he did nothing wrong?  The call was illegally unmasked and leaked in yet another attempt at a Trump assault.  If General Flynn’s civil liberties were violated is of no concern to the democrats and the media.


Fortunately most American people are smart enough to see thru their transparency.  However that doesn’t make it any less dangerous.  All in an attempt to undermine the President, members of the US congress and the media have managed to plow under all those seeds of peace planted by a ten-year old girl all those years ago.


Democrats have set US relations with Russia back decades in just a matter of months.  They have even managed to scare poor Senator John McCain back under his desk.  With the help of their friends in the media democrats continue with the Putin attacks.  How long do they think they can poke that bear before it responds?


Democrats and the media are putting the American people in harm’s way.  With complete and total disregard for the safety of this nation they continue on in an attempt to further their own self-indulgent agenda.  How many more ten-year olds have they frightened?


Where are The Grownups In Congress?


The United States Congress is a disgrace.  It is time for all members do a little soul-searching.

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Without enough votes to do things on their own Democrats have chosen to do nothing.  Boycotts, sit-ins and color coding their attire are just a few examples of the nonsense they partake in.

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Democrats scream Russia and President Trump are connected based on a comment made in jest during a nationally televised debate.  Complaining the President is new to politics democrats dragged their feet using every dirty trick they could come up with to stall confirmations of the very Cabinet members a President must rely on.  Democrats blatantly conspire to destroy the President with total disregard for the collateral damage their actions cause.


Democrats refuse to vote “yes” for Neil Gorsuch.  Whether or not Merrik Garland should have been given a hearing is irrelevant.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Congress’ only job is to determine if a candidate is qualified for the position.  Meanwhile the seat sits empty on the Supreme Court at the detriment of the American people.


A democratic Congress member declared with pride that she is “a nasty woman”.  Is that the message we as a nation want to send to girls?  Do we want them to grow up to be nasty women?

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Every day democrats appear on television hysterically fear mongering.  But, they have no solutions, plans or ideas for how to make the American people better off.

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Republican Congress members have been handed an opportunity of a life time.  The majority in Congress coupled with a Republican President the sky is the limit for what they could accomplish.  Yet they don’t.

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For eight years Republicans debated the best way to repeal and replace Obama Care.  Yet when the opportunity presented itself they failed the American people.  Self-indulgent members couldn’t stop bickering.  Caucus groups within the Party demanded top priority.   Patting each other on the back, they overlook their lack of accomplishment.  Meanwhile nothing gets done.


Republicans run to the closest camera, push the democrat whining about President Trump out of the way to make their case.  What they don’t do is discuss it amongst themselves.  Each so closed-minded, they are not able to hear the other.


At this point in time Congress is like a clogged drain.  Nothing gets passed.  It is time for all those in Congress to remember that they are far less important than the office they hold.  Democrats and Republicans alike have much to answer for.