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Donald J. Trump Is My President


We don’t always get what we want.  But, in a democracy we accept what we get.  When the election is over we move on to the business at hand.  It seems President Trump is doing just that.  Unlike many in Washington, DC our President appears to have every intention of doing what we elected him to do, make America great again.

In the 1980s the standard car loan was for thirty-six months.  When the loan was paid off the vehicle was still worth something.  Today banks offer payment plans spread out over eighty-four months or seven years.  Lenders now require the borrower to pay for gap insurance that will pay the difference between the insurance proceeds for a totaled vehicle and the balance due on the loan.

It use to be that a family could survive on one income.  Anyone willing to work could find a job that would pay the rent and put food on the table.  Higher education was affordable.  College graduates did not start off buried in debt.  Daycare was not a necessary evil.  We were proud to be Americans.  We believed in the United States Constitution.  The list goes on and on.

Like any Nation we had our issues.  However, the general will of the people was to do the right thing.  We believed to each his own.  As long as it wasn’t a crime and didn’t hurt anyone folks lived and let live.  The decline in this Nation during my lifetime is alarming.  We have surely lost our way.

Whether you agree with President Trump or not he is our 45th President.  We had all better hope and pray that he is successful.  The alternative is unacceptable.  If the main stream media or the Democratic Party are successful in their coup attempts starting with the intimidation of Electoral College Members to the non-stop propaganda, fear mongering, lies and innuendos our democracy will be no more.

President Trump is a businessman.  Unlike politicians he put his money where his mouth is and is not accountable to the big Party donors now calling the shots in DC.  The man is a true patriot.  Mr. Trump donates his salary to charitable causes.  He and his family are making great personal and financial sacrifices for the good of this country.

The only people who would be better off if Donald J. Trump was not the President of the United States of America would be Donald J. Trump and his family.  It might behoove those playing politics for their own self-serving agenda to cut the crap and get to work.  If they can’t do that at least get out of President Trump’s way and let him Make America Great Again.

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We Use To Be A Civilized Society


It would be my guess that the great majority of Americans are far too busy trying to make ends meet.  They get up every day and take care of business.  All the while trusting that those they have sent to Washington D.C. to look out for them are doing their job.  Most people don’t have time to research daily to find the truth.  Instead they rely on the main stream media to inform them of the facts.

When members of the US Congress are more interested in pleasing deep pocket donors than representing their constituents this country has a problem.  When US Congress members behave as if the ends justify the means this country has a problem.  When the Democratic Party can’t speak without obscene language and name calling this country has a problem.  When one political party vilifies another political party this country has a problem.

When Federal Judges play politics from their bench they demean the Constitution of The United States of America.  When a member of the most esteemed of our three branches of government, The Supreme Court cannot keep her political views to her self it is time for her to retire.  The judicial branch of the United States must be above reproach.  Otherwise they are not worthy of the power we give them.

When those we entrust to keep this Nation safe cannot keep their mouths shut this country is in trouble.  “Loose lips sink ships.”  When citizens Forth Amendment rights are being trampled this country is in trouble.  When those within our government try to take down a sitting President this country is in trouble.

When college campuses receiving large amounts of Federal funding are nothing more than indoctrination centers our education system is broken.  When students with differing views are afraid to speak our education system is broken.  When our students world-wide test scores are dismal while we out spend all other countries our education system is broken.  When students leave college buried in debt our education system is broken.

When the main stream media practice propaganda they are the enemy of the people.  When the main stream media misrepresents events they are the enemy of the people.  When the main stream media no longer provides viewers with the facts and allows them to draw their own conclusions they are the enemy of the people.  When the main stream media no longer tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth they are the enemy of the people.

Presidents come and go.  But, the office remains the same.  When any President is vilified daily with fear mongering, innuendos and lies in an effort to disrupt his agenda it tears away at our democracy.  When former FBI Directors act like they are in middle school it tears away at our democracy.  When US Congress Members denounce people guilty and then investigate it tears away at our democracy.

Make no mistake about it.  This Nation is at a juncture in the road.  It is time we ask ourselves what kind of country do we want to live in.  Do we want our children growing up in fear?  Do we want our neighborhoods overrun with violent criminals?  Do we want citizens to feel opioids are the only answer?  Do we want our United States Congress Members to be assassinated for their political affiliations?

It seems the United States of America must decide if we want to be a civilized society or one of mob rules.