This Is Why Baseball Is American Pastime


Clearly helmets are not helping in the NFL.  Players refusing to stand for our National Anthem and all that it stands for are an absolute disgrace to themselves, their teams and this Nation.  Standing up for The Star Spangled Banner has nothing to do with race, religion, political party or the President.

Arlington National Cemetery’s six hundred and twenty-four acres are the final resting spot for over fourteen thousand American heroes that fought for all the good this country stands for.  I will stand up for each and every one of them whenever I hear our National Anthem.

NFL players who think they are above those that fought and died for this country are sadly mistaken.  It is pretty safe to say I will not be attending the New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game on Sunday December 17, 2017 or any other.  Parking costs $104.00; Luxury Suites start at $16,354.00; Deluxe Downtown seats $1,188.00; Standard Downtown seats $902.00; Nose Bleed seats $137.00.  At those prices neither will most Americans.

So to the obnoxious, overpaid, self-serving twits.  I say stand up for your Nation or don’t.  Your true colors are showing and they have nothing to do with your race.